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How to effectively manage the Labour Hire WHS conundrum

Posted by Robert O'Neill on Nov 26, 2012 1:48:00 AM

1_worker definitionIn this article we look at the Labour Hire conundrum and identify the WHS requirements associated with the management and control of personnel hired through a labour hire agency.

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4 Crucial steps to managing visitor safety in your workplace

Posted by Robert O'Neill on Jul 7, 2012 4:26:34 AM

4crucial imgThe OH&S acts do not distinguish between your responsibilities to your employees, contractors or visitors. If you are in control of your workplace, you must be in control of your visitors. Here we suggest some time proven effective measures, which you should apply to all your visitors, for the duration of their visit to your workplace. You need to ensure that visitors are aware of their responsibilities and that visits are properly inducted so as to ensure visitors do not inadvertently cause any harm to themselves or your personnel.

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Topics: Contractors, Suppliers, Visitors & Customers