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Enabling Success Beyond Compliance

Moving away from traditional, restrictive safety practices, we embrace a model that supports and enables. Our progressive approach seeks to minimise red tape and foster an environment where engagement and innovation thrive, making safety a catalyst for success rather than a barrier.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of Health and Safety in every organisation, we understand the complexities involved in managing it efficiently, especially without specialised expertise readily available. Embracing the 'Safety Differently' approach, our fixed-fee Health & Safety support is meticulously designed to alleviate these challenges. It encompasses comprehensive on-site audits, access to our award-winning software, and unparalleled expert guidance, ensuring not only compliance with legal obligations but also a significant enhancement in workplace safety and productivity.

By entrusting your WHS / OHS management to us, you're empowered to concentrate on your primary business functions, secure in the knowledge that the well-being of your workforce is in expert hands. Our service transforms safety management from a task you have to do into a strategic advantage that enriches your organisation's culture and operational excellence.

What's included in our fixed fee service?

We highly customise packages to suit your unique needs. Below is an example of the services you may choose from. 

Accident and incident investigation

Work Safety Hub is your ally in navigating workplace incidents and enforcement actions with a 'Safety Differently' mindset. Our role extends from guiding thorough investigations to recommending corrective measures that not only address immediate concerns but also align with your organisation’s core values and interests. We specialise in preparing comprehensive accident reports with precision, focusing on uncovering the root causes and implementing strategies to prevent future occurrences.

In the event of serious accidents, our expertise becomes crucial. We offer unwavering support throughout the investigation process, provide strategic advice on communication with regulators, and assist in crafting responses that reflect your commitment to safety, accountability, and continuous improvement. Our approach ensures that every step taken not only complies with regulatory standards but also contributes to building a more resilient and safety-conscious organisational culture.

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Advice line

At Work Safety Hub, our commitment to 'Safety Differently' is embodied in our personalised and actionable Health and Safety guidance, delivered through our team of devoted safety consultants. Choose our Fixed Fee Health & Safety Support Service to access bespoke audits, policies, and manuals, all designed to integrate seamlessly with your organisation's unique needs. Our Helpdesk Consulting Team stands ready to offer you continuous support, ensuring that you always have a knowledgeable and empathetic partner in your safety journey. With us, you're not just meeting safety standards; you're elevating the well-being of your workplace with experts who care deeply about your success and safety culture.

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Audit and inspection

Embracing the principles of 'Safety Differently', Work Safety Hub conducts thorough evaluations of your workplace, pinpointing risks and crafting bespoke solutions that prioritise the well-being and empowerment of your team. Our signature Fundamentals Assessment goes beyond traditional compliance checks, aiming to elevate your safety management practices. The insights we provide clearly distinguish areas of strength and those requiring attention, accompanied by straightforward, actionable recommendations designed to foster a culture of safety and continuous improvement. With a dedicated Health & Safety Consultant by your side, you're assured of expert guidance every step of the way, ensuring that questions are not just answered, but that solutions lead to meaningful change within your organisation.

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Health & Safety Training

Leveraging our 'Safety Differently' philosophy, Work Safety Hub presents a suite of over 15 online facilitated training courses, featuring WorkSafe Victoria-approved HSR Initial and Refresher programs available in person to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. Our training sessions are designed to be not just informative but interactive and impactful, engaging your staff in a way that enhances their ability to perform their roles safely, without compromising on productivity. As part of our commitment to embedding safety into the fabric of your operations, all courses come complimentary for the first year with our Enterprise Fixed Fee Health & Safety Managed Service. This approach underscores our dedication to providing not just safety training but an integrated safety culture transformation, ensuring unparalleled value for your investment in the well-being of your workforce.

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Health & Safety Software

Safety Nett embodies our 'Safety Differently' ethos by revolutionising the way risk control evaluation and maintenance are approached, concentrating on critical actions that significantly mitigate safety risks. This innovative application is designed to prioritise initiatives that dramatically lower workplace incidents, fostering a proactive safety culture. By emphasising strategies with the most substantial impact, Safety Nett enhances your organisation's health and safety management performance, aligning directly with our philosophy of empowering employees and transforming safety practices from reactive to proactive, ensuring a safer, more engaged workplace.

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Become your Suitably Qualified advisors

Incorporating our 'Safety Differently' approach, engaging a suitably qualified professional transcends traditional compliance with Health and Safety laws. This expert not only identifies risks but also pioneers innovative solutions, grounding their expertise in the philosophy that safety is a collaborative, dynamic process. By bringing in an external specialist, your organisation benefits from specialised knowledge and experience, strategically applied to manage safety proactively. This partnership ensures that safety measures are not just implemented but are clear, effective, and integrated into your organisation's culture, empowering your team to actively contribute to a safer, more productive workplace.

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Policies & Management Procedures Manual (HSMS)

Our Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) is meticulously crafted by an experienced consultant, embodying our 'Safety Differently' philosophy. It ensures not just legal compliance and effective risk management across diverse operational areas but also champions proactive safety and empowerment at every level. Designed to align with ISO45001 standards, our WHSMS is enriched with the dedicated support of a consultant alongside a team of safety experts. This specialised assistance ensures that the system is not only a framework for compliance but a living, breathing part of your organisational culture, where every employee is engaged and empowered to contribute to a safer, more resilient workplace.

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Risk Assessment

Risk assessment stands as a cornerstone in the management of Health and Safety, deeply intertwined with our 'Safety Differently' approach. Our experts excel in guiding you through the complexities of evaluating risks, from manual handling to hazardous chemicals, ensuring a proactive and empowered safety culture. Under Australian Health and Safety laws, the obligation extends beyond employees to encompass all individuals within your operational sphere. Should your health and safety team need to deepen their risk assessment capabilities, our seasoned professionals are equipped to offer tailored training. This training is designed not just to meet compliance but to embed a nuanced understanding of risk evaluation within your team, fostering an environment where every member is an active participant in identifying and mitigating risks, enhancing the overall resilience and safety of your workplace.


Why choose us?

Pioneering 'Safety Differently'

We are at the forefront of the 'Safety Differently' movement, a paradigm that distinguishes our consultancy. By rethinking the very foundation of workplace safety, we set a new standard that others strive to match.

People-First Safety

Our approach places people at the heart of safety. We understand that meaningful engagement with your team is the cornerstone of a truly safe workplace, resonating with organisations that value their employees as their greatest asset.

Customised Safety Pathways

Recognising that each business has its own set of challenges and opportunities, we craft bespoke safety solutions. Our commitment is to deliver services that are as unique as your business, ensuring relevance and effectiveness regardless of your company's size or sector.

Safety as a Moral Commitment

We redefine safety not just as a regulatory obligation but as a moral duty to protect and empower. This ethos is woven into our services, appealing to businesses that place a premium on ethical operations and the well-being of their people.

Enabling Success Beyond Compliance

Moving away from traditional, restrictive safety practices, we embrace a model that supports and enables. Our progressive approach seeks to minimise red tape and foster an environment where engagement and innovation thrive, making safety a catalyst for success rather than a barrier.


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