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Fixed-fee Health & Safety Support

Making health and safety a top priority is crucial for any organization. However, it's not always feasible to dedicate the time and resources necessary to manage it effectively. It can also be challenging if you don't have someone in-house who is qualified to take on this responsibility.

That's where our comprehensive fixed-fee Health & Safety support comes in. We offer on-site audits and award-winning software to help you fulfil your legal obligations confidently, saving time and money while protecting your people and organization.

Our service helps businesses improve workplace safety and protect their employees' well-being. By partnering with us, companies can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, ensure compliance with OHS/WHS regulations, and increase productivity.

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals will work closely with your business to develop and implement effective safety protocols, provide training and support to employees, and address any issues that may arise. Outsourcing your OHS management to us allows your business to focus on its core operations while we take care of your workforce's health and safety.



Health and safety issues putting strain on management time?

Worried about the consequences of failing to comply with the law and regulations?


A high-quality extension of your health and safety team

Under health and safety legislation, all employers must appoint one or more "suitably qualified advisors" to help them fulfil their duties, regardless of their size or sector. However, if you don't have this expertise in-house, Work Safety Hub can provide an added layer of technical health and safety support by acting as one of your suitably qualified advisors.

Our expert team can help you meet this requirement by providing the necessary training, experience, and knowledge to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. With our support, you can confidently fulfil your legal obligations and provide your employees with a safe and healthy workplace.


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What's included in our fixed-fee Health & Safety Support


Accident and incident investigation

As an employer, workplace incidents can be your worst nightmare. At Work Safety Hub, we can guide your investigation, advise on corrective actions, and protect your interests in the event of enforcement action.

If you need help preparing an accident investigation report, we can assist you in sticking to the facts, keeping opinions separate, and ensuring that the report is prepared to protect your best interests while identifying the necessary steps to prevent recurrence. This is crucial since the document can be discoverable to the other side in the event of a personal injury claim or regulatory prosecution.

In the event of a serious accident or emergency, we can also support your investigation and advise on communications with the regulator. We are there to help mitigate damage, and guide and support you. If you receive a letter from the regulator, we can help you formulate a response until legal advice is required.

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Advice line

At Work Safety Hub, we provide personalized and practical advice on health and safety issues through our unlimited advice line support. Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated, highly qualified safety consultant who will be their main point of contact for expert guidance and support.

If you opt for our Fixed Fee Health & Safety Support Service, your safety consultant will also conduct your health and safety audit and create your policies and safety management system manual. This ensures consistent advice from a dedicated safety expert who understands your organization's safety system, arrangements, and objectives.

If your safety consultant is unavailable, our Helpdesk Consulting Team will resolve most issues or guide you to relevant templates or guidance via our Knowledge Hub. In case of urgent or technical queries, we prioritize them to another safety expert in our team to ensure that you never feel unsupported.

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Audit and inspection

At Work Safety Hub, we conduct a thorough examination of your workplace, practices, and processes to identify areas of risk and provide solutions to rectify any issues. We use a Fundamentals Assessment approach, which aims to support your organization by providing a greater understanding of its legal obligations, the regulator's expectations, and a roadmap to better safety management.

During the assessment, we identify potential hazards and evaluate the likelihood and severity of harm based on existing control measures. We also recommend any additional risk reduction measures necessary to minimize the risk to an acceptable level.

Our report includes both compliant and non-compliant areas, along with clear recommendations to address any issues. Your dedicated Health & Safety Consultant is available to answer any questions you may have.

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Health & Safety Training

At Work Safety Hub, we understand that it can be challenging to allocate time for employee training. However, as an employer, it's crucial to ensure that your staff are capable of performing their duties safely without affecting productivity or spending a fortune.

That's why we offer online facilitated training, which is a convenient and powerful way to achieve capability in your organization. Our courses incorporate videos and interactive testing for impactful and engaging employee training.

We offer access to 15+ courses, including WorkSafe Victoria-approved HSR Initial and HSR Refresher courses. Health & Safety compliance courses include Risk Assessment, Workplace Hazards, and Personal Safety; Workplace Stress, Workplace Violence and Plant & Equipment, Hazardous Chemicals, Manager Supervisor, Due Diligence, Manual Handling, Incident reporting and investigation, Emergency Preparedness, and Contractor Management.

All of our courses are free for the first year when you purchase our Enterprise Fixed Fee Health & Safety Managed service. This means you won't be paying per head or course, keeping costs down and giving you complete certainty over your training expenses. This is particularly beneficial if your workforce grows, as you won't need to purchase extra seats, giving you exceptional value for money.

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Health & Safety Software

Our Safety Nett solution streamlines the process for evaluating and maintaining the efficacy of your risk control measures. We help you identify the risk controls essential to mitigating safety risks and concentrate your organisational resources on them.

Our application enables you to determine the activities that ensure these risk controls are efficiently managing safety risks. This allows you to focus on the activities that have the most significant impact on reducing injuries, incidents, or near-misses in the workplace.

You can use this information as a foundation for prioritising improvement actions across all aspects of health and safety management in your organisation, from leadership through managers, supervisors, and employees to operational-level staff performing duties associated with each activity.

As a result, Safety Nett can help improve workplace health and safety management performance, resulting in better outcomes for everyone involved.

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Become your Suitably Qualified advisors

A suitably qualified person is someone who helps an organization comply with health and safety laws and take practical and proportionate measures to prevent injuries or accidents. This person must recognize the health and safety risks of the organization and provide solutions accordingly.

It is recommended to engage an external expert for this role to ensure impartiality and access to technical expertise. While an in-house employee might know the organization well, they may not have the necessary safety-related skills, experience, and training to keep the organization compliant. Engaging an external expert brings specialist knowledge and hands-on experience to the management of health and safety, helping to develop an effective safety management system and providing clarity on the necessary measures.

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Policies & Management Procedures Manual (HSMS)

The Health & Safety Management System (HSMS) provided by Work Safety Hub will be written by an experienced Health & Safety Consultant with recognised qualifications and technical expertise. The HSMS will include all policies describing how the business is committed to fulfilling its legal responsibilities, followed by the requirements section covering all risk areas relevant to the operation and how they are managed (contractors, fire, first aid, machinery maintenance, lone working, etc.). The HSMS will be based on the plan - Implement - Review and Improve (IRI) framework. Work Safety Hub's Enterprise Fixed Fee Health & Safety service provides a dedicated safety consultant for all health and safety matters, and a nationwide team of safety experts with diverse specialisations and experience for any specific technical expertise or support required.

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Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a crucial aspect of managing health and safety. Our team of experts can provide guidance on assessing specific risk areas, such as manual handling and hazardous chemicals.

Is risk assessment a legal requirement?

Yes, under Australian health and safety laws, employers (PCBUs) must assess the health and safety risks that their employees are exposed to, as well as the risks to any non-employees, such as customers, visitors, and contractors who may be affected by their activities. If you're unsure where to begin with risk assessment, we can help.

What if the company has a health and safety team, but they haven't had formal risk assessment training?

Risk assessment is the foundation of an effective safety management system. However, many individuals responsible for this task may not have received formal training on conducting a risk assessment and what the law requires. This can result in an inaccurate estimation of risk, which may lead to unnecessary control measures being recommended, or worse, control measures not being identified or implemented. To ensure that this critical task is correctly performed, our expert Health & Safety Team can deliver a risk assessment training package to develop internal competence.


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Experts in Health & Safety

We have the expertise to help you simplify complex health and safety legislation, find workable solutions to health and safety challenges, and protect your organisation from the rising cost of non-compliance.


Approved by a WorkSafe Authority
Dedicated specialists with recognised qualifications
Genuine hands-on experience in managing risk
Cost certainty with our unlimited, fixed-fee model
The confidence to act as one of your suitably qualified persons 

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