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This Health and Safety Due Diligence Training is highly customised and tailored to meet the requirements of senior level executives and leaders, heads of their respective organisations.

WHS Due Diligence Training for Executives & Leaders is delivered in an engaging and interactive workshop style of facilitation. The session covers the requirements necessary to effectively exercise a positive duty of care, manage safety in the working environment and understand the legislative obligations for a safe workplace at an executive level.

During the course of the workshop, we facilitate a self-assessment with the leadership team to establish where you are currently and where you need to be with actionable take-aways documented for further review (Gap Analysis).

This presentation is delivered by our highly experienced and qualified consultants. 

Your consultant will source relevant OHS/WHS prosecution summaries to present a case study analysis applicable to your industry segment. 

Training Outcomes:

Interpret and apply due diligence:

Understand key requirements of the legislation, including the primary 6 elements of Due Diligence:

  • maintaining up-to-date knowledge of work health and safety matters as they apply to your specific operation
  • understand the nature of the business and its hazards and risks
  • ensuring the business has, and uses, appropriate resources and processes to eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety associated with the operations of the business or undertaking
  • ensuring the business or undertaking has appropriate processes to receive information about incidents, hazards and risks, and can respond to that information in a timely manner
  • ensuring the business has processes – and implements those processes – to comply with any WHS obligation
  • verifying that these steps have been carried out.
  • an actionable plan for further improvement.

Delivered conveniently at your place or ours!

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