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Our purpose is to help people and their organisations thrive

We do this by acting as Safety Guides and bringing a "Safety Differently" approach, which combines both the old and new ways of thinking to solve Health and Safety issues.

Our approach focuses on the things that go right and using Human Centred Design principles where people whom do the work help solve the problem. We believe this is a far better way to set both the organisation and its people up for success.

The value we bring to our clients is a clear pathway to impactful safety outcomes; improved commercial realities; improved measures of performance; and new ways of working.

Our services and solutions are developed to deliver to the industries we know well and are supported by the science of Resilience Engineering.

At Work Safety Hub, we've built our firm around a single idea: helping people and their organisations thrive. Our safety consultants use the power of Resilience Engineering research to discover which safety management techniques generate sustainable results.

We Rely on Research - Over the past few years, our occupational health and safety consultants have reviewed groundbreaking research to determine which safety management strategies really work and which are a waste of precious resources. This research underlies everything our OHS consultants do for you - from policy development and strategic plans to management system development and implementation, coaching, training and auditing.