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safety management programs designed for industry


Work Safety Hub University

Work Safety Hub University

Learning & Development Solutions...

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Consulting Services

Programs & Services

We provide a wide range of work health and safety services to employers in order to reduce risk, improve safety and wellbeing for employees and to ens...

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Assurance Services

Safety Audits & Inspections

We test, check and ensure your compliance with health & safety legislation...

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Outsourced Unlimited Support

Unlimited Support

Our fixed fee service supports your organisation in ensuring health and safety compliance and managing risk....

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Be a place people want to be 

At Work Safety Hub, we've built our firm around a single idea: helping organisations protect people. Our safety consultants use the power of research to discover which techniques generate sustainable results.

We Rely on Research - Over the past few years our occupational health and safety consultants have reviewed groundbreaking research to determine which safety management strategies really work and which are a waste of precious resources.

This research underlies everything our OHS Consultants do - from policy development and strategic plans to management system development and implementation, coaching, training and auditing.

how WE work

OHS Consultants Hazard Identification -1.png


First, we conduct initial fact finding and background research to establish all possible, relevant facts.

OHS Consultants Incident Investigations -2.png


Then we identify all potential hazards, including operational aspects, that may impact on your objectives.

OHS Consultants Risk Assessment -3.png


Next, we evaluate the risks – both personal safety and operational impacts – before developing an appropriate solution.

OHS Consultants Implementation -4.png


We'll run and fine tune a carefully planned delivery and execution of the proposed solution.

OHS Consultants Performance Evaluation -5.png


We'll evaluate the solution when measured against the your objectives.

OHS Consultants Training -6.png


We'll co-ordinate and implement the appropriate training where the need is identified.

OHS Consultants Coaching Advice -7.png


We'll meet with you periodically to report on progress and make any adjustments in strategy required.