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Incident reporting up!

The WSH team approached our business as if it were a personal endeavor, addressing the problem with determination, expertise, and compassion. I can't recommend them enough to anyone in need.

Dawn Singleton

Great advice!

"Hume Doors & Timber made the strategic decision to partner with Work Safety Hub, recognised as the industry leader for its exemplary safety management practices and one of the select few that truly resonated with us."

Paul Harding

Incredible Support!

"Working with them has been a phenomenal experience. The tangible changes I now witness outdoors are beyond what I ever imagined possible."

Alan Dixon

We are not stopping!!

"Our adventure doesn't end here. Far from it, we're committed to moving ahead, surpassing the bare essentials. Our sights are set on achieving unparalleled safety standards on a global scale."


Paul Harding

Hume Doors & Timber: Pioneering Safety Excellence with Work Safety Hub

As Australia's leading 100% locally-owned timber door manufacturer, Hume Doors & Timber has been at the forefront of design, technology, and materials for six decades. Despite their success, the leadership recognised a disconnect between their existing safety standards and their vision for a workplace that guarantees the highest levels of safety and well-being. In pursuit of setting a new industry benchmark, Hume embarked on a transformational journey with Work Safety Hub, adopting our 'Safety Differently' ethos to evolve into a learning organisation at the apex of global safety leadership.

Overcoming Manufacturing Challenges

Operating out of Dandenong, south of Melbourne, the Hume Doors & Timber plant is a hub of activity with 200 employees crafting thousands of doors from an array of specialty products. The manufacturing process, while innovative, introduced significant risks including fire, explosions, and machinery-related hazards, compounded by the challenge of communicating safety protocols across a diverse, multilingual workforce.

Determined to not just meet but surpass Australian safety standards, Hume Doors & Timber partnered with Work Safety Hub to revolutionise their safety practices.

A Paradigm Shift in Safety

Work Safety Hub’s initial engagement at the Dandenong plant marked the beginning of a profound transformation. Our consultants, engaging with every employee from the ground up, embodied our philosophy that everyone is part of the solution. Through a process safety procedural review and adopting a Human Centred Design approach, we prioritised the formation of learning teams. These teams were instrumental in uncovering daily work challenges directly from the workforce, fostering an environment where safety is born from the organisation's ability to anticipate, learn, and adapt.

Jason Miller, project manager for Work Safety Hub in Victoria, highlighted the exceptional commitment from Hume's management, describing them as "trailblazers" in safety culture. This commitment was evident in the training provided to Hume’s leadership and cascaded down to the shop floor through innovative strategies designed by Work Safety Hub. The results were immediate and impactful, fostering significant engagement and a positive safety culture throughout the organisation.

Transformative Results and Future Vision

The collaboration between Hume Doors & Timber and Work Safety Hub has not only reduced injury rates but also paralleled impressive business growth, demonstrating that prioritising safety directly contributes to organisational success. Hume’s alignment with the Forest Stewardship Council and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes further underscores their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, now bolstered by their advanced safety management approach.

Buoyed by the success of their partnership with Work Safety Hub, Hume Doors & Timber is extending these pioneering safety practices across its Australian operations, reaffirming their leadership in both the industry and in championing workplace safety.

A Lasting Partnership

The positive experience with Work Safety Hub has led Hume to renew its commitment with a further 12-month contract, cementing Work Safety Hub's role in supporting Hume’s growth and in establishing its facilities as industry leaders in safety and production capacity.

As Hume Doors & Timber continues to lead with over 1,500 employees nationwide and the capability to produce around 250,000 doors a month, their journey with Work Safety Hub stands as a testament to the power of integrating 'Safety Differently' into the heart of business operations.