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Powerful Contractor 

Prequalification Service - CPS™

Knowing that your people and your contractors are all qualified and certified in relation to work health and safety before they start work brings peace of mind, and enables you to meet your legislative duty of care. Work Safety Hubs CPS™ is a comprehensive Contractor Prequalifiaction Service, utilising online software that:

  • assesses health and safety capabilities of contractors and service providers
  • ensures appropriate insurances, licenses and trade qualifiactions are in place
  • selects contractors based on performance

Work Safety Hub Web App

Work Safety Hub App is a safety management software app used to empower your workers in the field. Combined with the web platform, the Work Safety Hub app provides visibility and insights to help raise safety and quality standards across an organisation.

  • record, analyse and report on compliance and risk data
  • integrate with other databases
  • track progress of corrective actions and recommendations
  • email escalation of overdue or critical items
  • integrates with Engage and CPS

Ensure your organisation is capable with -Engage™

Our web based online induction system, makes it easy to ensure that your employees, contractors and visitors have undertaken the induction they need before they arrive on site.

Engage™ enables your organisation to:

  • Invite contractors to complete induction training via email and track progress
  • Integrate induction completion data with our Contractor Prequalification Service CPS™
  • Customise induction content for mutliple sites
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