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Risk Control Effectiveness 


Our solution, safetynett, facilitates the workflow process for assessing and maintaining the effectiveness of your risk control measures.

Knowing the risk controls that are critical to mitigating safety risks and focussing organisational resources on them is the core function of our solution. Our application will help you to identify the activities that provide assurance that these risk controls always remain effective (i.e. they are: functional, reliable, available and survivable).

Risk Reduction


Our application, safetynett, ensures the process of risk reduction for identified and assessed risks in your organisation.

Ensuring that safety risks are reduced so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP) or as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) is a core moral and legal obligation for organisations.

Operations have a key role in facilitating this process. Our solution will help you understand the questions and tests to apply to safety risks to know if they have been reduced sufficiently.

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Safety Insights


We identify and capture organisational information that can provide insight into the safety capacity and current safety risk position of your organisation. 

Analysing this operational data about your organisation’s resourcing, changing work activities and goal conflict, through the lens of safety, provides deep and proactive safety insights.

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