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We provide a pathway for organisations to evolve from ‘Reactive’, ‘Fragmented’ and ‘Defensive’ safety management to ‘Guided’, ‘Adaptable’, ‘Responsive’ and ‘Resilient’ organisations.

We explore the safety of everyday work with you

We guide and facilitate organisational initiatives which improve safety management practices. We partner with you and your organisation, sharing our learnings to facilitate action before people are harmed.

We guide your organisational learning

We hear the experiences of workers to understand how work is actually done through discovery. We guide and facilitate your internal capacity to appreciate and consider improvements to systems of work which have the workers needs at the centre of their design.

We’re students of the leaders in safety thinking

When organisations appreciate the trade-offs, constraints, discounting, goal conflicts and unplanned variations of the contexts they work in, safety becomes the emergent outcome. That’s why we focus on ‘work as done’, ’not ‘work as imagined’. 

We put people at the centre

“The science shows us that people create success and safety every day: they recognise, absorb and adapt to conditions outside of what a bureaucracy or system of compliance can know and predict. Their work-as-done is precisely the source of insight and innovative solutions that we need to tap into to understand how success is created, and it may well show us where the next accident might actually come from”. Sydney Dekker

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Safety strategy development, planning and review

Safety management system audit and performance review

Safety management systems development, enhancement and implementation


Compliance and Due Diligence

Workplace-based risk assessment