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 Respond - Monitor - Learn - Anticipate

The Need for Orchestration

Not long ago, the idea of using automated tools to orchestrate safety management was trumpeted as a game changer. But in today’s always-on world, it’s just table stakes because you also need your business processes and their critical risk systems to be resilient, not just your people. To protect your people, you need a partner who can improve your systems potential for resilient performance.

We all know that good Work Health and Safety management has a positive effect on people performance as well as bringing bottom line benefits. Work Safety Hub offers a range of proven professional OHS/WHS/Safety Consulting services to help improve the health and safety performance and efficiency of your organisation.

Our experienced Workplace Health and Safety Consultants, many of whom have undertaken senior level safety management roles themselves, offer a full range of professional and proven risk management services aimed at assisting our clients to improve health and safety performance, efficiency and productivity of their organisation.

Our WHS Consultants apply the latest research and safety consulting tools and management techniques to your organisation to achieve sustained performance improvement.

Safety strategy development, planning and review

  • Identification of organisational risks

  • Policy development and strategic plans

  • Identification of Key Performance and Critical Risk Indicators

  • Establishing internal and external reporting processes

  • Safety Climate Survey preparation, implementation and analysis
  • Resilience Assessment

Safety management system audit and performance review

  • Review status and effectiveness of safety management systems

  • Determine gaps and identify improvement opportunities

  • Development of practical action plans

  • Our highly qualified OHS Consultants conduct assessments against benchmark material such as the National Audit Tool, AS/NZS 4801, ISO14001, AS/NZS ISO45001, ISO 31000 and Self Insurance audit programs

Safety management systems development, enhancement and implementation

  • Preparation of policies, procedures and work instructions

  • Development of monitoring programs and reporting systems

  • Hands-on assistance from our safety consultants for the implementation of tasks and programs including in house placements

Compliance and Due Diligence

  • Our WHS Consultants Identify compliance requirements and obligations

  • Review and establish compliance status

  • Provide practical guidance to achieve compliance standards

  • Develop corporate governance, reporting & compliance programs

Workplace-based risk assessment

  • Our OHS Consultants Review and prioritise hazards in the workplace

  • Expert assessment of extensive range of risks

  • Expert Witness reports and testimony services
  • Risk workshops and Haz ID Reviews
  • BowTie analysis and facilitation 

  • NIOSH Equation

  • Push/Pull Force Analysis and Assessment

  • Standardised risk assessment process and protocols

  • Safety In design reviews and consultancy

Risk management control programs

  • Review of effectiveness of risk control measures

  • Incident Investigations

  • Root cause analysis
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