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Our Purpose is to help people thrive

We do this by acting as Safety Guides and bringing a “Safety Differently” approach, which combines both the old and new ways of thinking to solve HSE issues.

Our approach focuses on the things that go right and using People-Centred Design where people whom do the work help solve the problem. We believe this is a far better way to set both the organisation and its people up for success.

The value we bring to our clients is a clear pathway; improved commercial outcomes; simplicity; improved measures of performance; and new ways of working.

Our services and solutions are developed to deliver to the industries we know well, and are supported by the science of Resilience Engineering and include:

Safety & Resilience strategy development, planning and review

Safety management system audit and performance review

Safety management systems development, enhancement, implementation and decluttering


Compliance and Due Diligence

Workplace-based risk assessment


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