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Professional Health & Safety Consulting Services

In the challenging world of workplace safety, every decision matters. As a Safety Manager, you carry the responsibility of your team's safety on your shoulders - an achievement often overlooked but deeply satisfying. With increasing regulatory scrutiny and even personal liability for directors, a proactive approach to health and safety management is more than just a requirement - it's a moral imperative.

With Work Safety Hub's safety consultants at your side, you can meet these challenges head-on. Our professionally-qualified Health & Safety Consultants, backed by hands-on risk management experience, will help you protect your organisation from the rising cost of non-compliance, ensuring your efforts receive the recognition they deserve.

Why choose us?

We understand the unique pressures and responsibilities that come with your role. We're not just safety consultants but your partners in creating a safer, healthier, more productive workplace. Our services are designed to simplify complex health and safety legislation, providing workable solutions to your most pressing safety challenges.


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Certified_OHS_Professional_WebExperts in Health & Safety Consulting

We have the safety expertise to help you simplify complex health and safety legislation and find workable solutions to health and safety challenges, and our safety consultants protect your organisation from the rising cost of non-compliance. 

  • Approved by a WorkSafe Authority
  • Dedicated safety consultants with recognised health and safety qualifications
  • Genuine hands-on experience in managing safety risks
  • Cost certainty with our unlimited, fixed-fee health and safety support model
  • The confidence to act as one of your "suitably qualified" health and safety advisors and consultants

Fixed-Fee Health & Safety Consulting Service

  • We know how crucial cost certainty is for your peace of mind. Our fixed-fee Health & Safety service gives unlimited access to dedicated safety consultant support, policy creation, award-winning software, and more. This model lets you focus on what matters most - ensuring the safety of your team - without worrying about unpredictable expenses.

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Safety Audit and Performance Review Services

  • Our Safety Audit and Performance Review Services go beyond compliance. They aim to foster trust between leaders and workers by providing transparent evaluations of safety management systems. We identify gaps, suggest improvements, and develop practical action plans that link safety management practices directly to safety outcomes.

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Safety Management Systems Services

  • We believe in a culture of safety that goes beyond checklists and protocols. Our Safety Management Systems Services help you develop monitoring programs and reporting systems and implement tasks and programs that ensure safety is part of your organisation's DNA.

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Compliance and Due Diligence Services

  • We help you understand and meet compliance requirements, establish compliance status, conduct incident investigations, and provide practical guidance to achieve compliance standards. With web-based compliance management solutions, we aim to reduce your administrative burden, contributing to a better work-life balance.457925963-280x240

Risk Assessment Services

  • Our comprehensive Risk Assessment Services review and prioritise hazards in the workplace, facilitating a proactive and innovative approach to safety. From manual handling risk assessments to noise mapping, we've got you covered. We're here to make safety second nature, not just another box to tick.


Risk Control Programs

  • Our Risk Control Programs include a range of services designed to manage risks effectively and innovatively. Whether it's managing noise, handling the return to work after COVID, or ensuring construction safety, we're here to help.152508967-280x240


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