Why we developed this program?

The aim of this training is to ensure that managers, supervisors and employees have the competence to enable them to meet the obligations defined under the various Codes of Practice and Compliance for Hazardous Manual Tasks. 

Register for the Manual Handling course to promote workplace safety.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for health and safety representatives, health and safety committee members, line managers, supervisors, operations management and HR practitioners. Specifically, managers and supervisors should attend so that at the end of the course they have the same understanding as employees, in addition to knowledge of their specific management duties.

What will be covered?

Participants will be given opportunities to learn:

  • about hazardous manual tasks as an important occupational health and safety issue
  • about the risk factors of manual handling operations that can lead to injury
  • and understand the benefits of an ergonomic approach to the prevention of work injuries
  • and understand the principles of safe lifting and carrying and apply them to specific manual handling operations in the workplace
  • and be able to summarise the practical issues of manual handling.

Managers will be given opportunities to learn:

  • and be aware of manual handling as an important occupational health and safety issue
  • the requirements of the Model Code of Practice for Hazardous Manual Tasks
  • and understand the basics of manual handling assessment
  • and understand the means of controlling risks from manual handling
  • to be able to review the key points of managing manual handling risks
  • to be aware of the importance of eliminating manual handling risks where possible.

This module is not intended to train managers in manual handling assessment techniques. It covers the basics of assessment and further practical training will be necessary for those who need to become proficient in assessment techniques.

Comprehensive participant notes and up to date supplementary information will be provided.