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We proactively shape, assess, and bolster the resilience of organisations.

Central to our services is a deep commitment to advanced safety management through the 'Human Centric' perspective. Our Safety Auditing goes beyond mere compliance—acting as a strategic partner to enhance employee, client, and community welfare. Leveraging your team's collective insights, we proactively prevent crises and foster an environment where safety drives ethical responsibility and performance excellence.

Safety Management System Audits and Performance Reviews

We thoroughly evaluate the pulse and performance of your safety management systems through the lens of 'Human Centred Design'. It's not just about what's in place; it's about how effectively it engages your people, taps into their potential, and enhances the safety dialogue. Our reviews are designed to transform good practice into exceptional, living safety cultures.

Our gap analysis transcends the typical audit. We explore your systems with a vision for continuous improvement, identifying not just shortcomings, but opportunities where 'people' can ignite transformative action, leveraging the collective expertise of your team for a safer and more efficient workplace.

Action plans born from our assessments are practical roadmaps to safety excellence. Infused with the ethos of 'Human Centred Design', these plans are crafted to inspire, engage, and equip your workforce to own safety processes, fostering an environment where every team member is an active participant in safety and success.

Our assessments are comprehensive, bench-marked against a spectrum of standards, including AS/NZS ISO 45001, ISO 45003 and ISO 31000 among others. We go beyond compliance, embedding the principles of 'Human Centred Design' into every benchmark, ensuring that our evaluations serve not just to inform, but to empower and innovate in alignment with your corporate ethos and the spirit of self-governance within safety domains.

Compliance and Due Diligence Assessments

We guide you through safety legislation changes, identifying your compliance needs. With our methodology, compliance becomes more than just checkboxes—it's about building a culture of ethical responsibility and proactive safety.

Our legislative compliance approach is dynamic, not a mere checklist. We assess your compliance with a focus on 'people', ensuring it enhances both your team's empowerment and operational integrity.

We thoroughly evaluate your risk controls through this new lens, treating your team as key to ensuring effectiveness and bolstering a resilient safety culture.

Compliance is a journey, and we guide you pragmatically, ensuring it's practical and achievable. Our approach views your workforce as key partners in meeting and surpassing standards.

In developing governance and compliance frameworks, we embed human centred principles, creating a unified safety culture. Our strategies reflect your organisation's dedication to ethics and transparency.

Our Due Diligence Frameworks go beyond legal compliance to instil a deep-seated culture of care and mindful safety across your organisation. Crafted with 'people' at their heart, these frameworks empower leadership to integrate safety as a core aspect of your corporate identity.

Site Inspections

We enhance routine inspections by deeply engaging with your team at all levels to identify risk factors, fostering a collaborative environment where informed actions bolster workplace safety and integrity.

Our inspections go beyond simple walkthroughs, serving as pivotal moments for dialogue and discovery. We thoroughly examine your equipment, environment, and practices, focusing on both potential risk factors and opportunities to boost safety with your team's expertise and adaptability. Each inspection is a step towards a stronger, more agile safety culture.


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