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Elevating Safety with Work Safety Hub: A Journey of Transformation at Bob Jane T-Marts

As Australia's premier independent retailer and franchise in the tyre service industry, Bob Jane T-Marts has set benchmarks with over 130 locations nationwide. However, the challenge of escalating workplace injuries, including severe musculoskeletal incidents, called for an innovative approach to safety management. Leaders at Bob Jane, including National Risk Manager Angelo Bootlis, National Operations Manager Sam Mari, and CEO Rodney Jane, sought Work Safety Hub's expertise to spearhead a shift towards exemplary safety performance, embodying our 'Safety Differently' philosophy.

Journey to Excellence

Our collaboration with Bob Jane over three years set a new standard in safety:

Benchmarking Excellence: Comparing Bob Jane’s safety management with global leaders to carve out a path for excellence.
Identifying Improvement Avenues: Highlighting areas for enhanced safety and process safety management.
Recommendations for Leadership: Crafting strategies for a safety system that sets industry benchmarks.

Cultivating a Culture of Safety

Initial assessments illuminated a reactive, compliance-driven safety culture at Bob Jane. Despite some strengths, the overarching safety goals and management knowledge fell short of propelling Bob Jane to the forefront of industry safety standards. Recognising these gaps, Work Safety Hub and Bob Jane charted a course for significant cultural transformation and operational enhancement.

Strategic Vision for Safety

The partnership aimed at not just reducing injuries but revolutionizing Bob Jane's safety culture from reactive to resilient, as outlined in the Hudson and Parker Culture Ladder. This ambitious plan involved elevating line organization skills for comprehensive safety management across all operation facets.

A Paradigm Shift

Acknowledging the necessity of cultural evolution, Bob Jane committed to integrating safety as a core operational pillar, equal to production and quality. This strategic pivot involved:

- Valuing input across all store levels for goal setting and action planning.
- Broadening safety leadership to include diverse organisational tiers.
- Anchoring corporate safety policies as the cornerstone for safety management systems and processes.
- Ensuring comprehensive risk identification, analysis, and mitigation.
- Implementing a structured, inclusive auditing system to catalyse organisational change.
- Prioritising injury treatment and prevention over financial incentives.
- Mandating uniform safety policy adherence for all personnel, including contractors.

Building Towards World-Class Safety Fundamentals

Success hinged on a multifaceted improvement strategy, accentuated by six critical steps, from establishing a strategic safety management framework to training on new safety systems and processes. This comprehensive approach was meticulously organised by Work Safety Hub across three phases, propelling positive organisational outcomes.

Sustained Excellence and Continuous Improvement

To ensure the longevity of these transformative measures, Work Safety Hub initiated an annual National Safety Summit for Bob Jane, celebrating progress while pinpointing opportunities for continuous improvement. This initiative has been pivotal in embedding a sustainable safety culture across the company.

Outcomes and Benefits

This strategic engagement not only aimed at a significant reduction in injuries but also fostered a work environment rich in trust, collaboration, and professional development, directly reflecting the 'Safety Differently' ethos. Today, Bob Jane stands as a testament to the transformative power of integrating high safety standards, continuous performance reviews, prompt improvements, and ongoing safety education.

Join the Safety Revolution

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