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Health check scores improved from 58% to 92% over four years

‘If advice on how to improve health and safety within your business is available – I would fully recommend that you take it. I started from a point of being fairly cynical, to one that fully embraces health and safety as a result of the help I have received and my awareness of how it impacts positively upon the business’

Mick Martin, Principal Partner

Mick Martin of Dolphin Printers had always been highly cynical of external health and safety consultants ‘trying to sell their services’. Why would Dolphin Printers need outside advice? They had never had any serious incidents or health and safety breaches.

His opinion soon changed however, when he saw the economic benefits that improved health and safety had on his company.

Tangible results

From a small investment of time, effort, and funds, Dolphin Printing reaped a myriad of benefits. These included:

  • A reduction in operating costs due to fully documented, more efficient procedures
  • Static insurance premiums in an industry that is generally experiencing increases
  • No reportable accidents, employee liability claims, or long-term illnesses
  • Significant improvements in health check scores conducted from 58% in April to 92% in October.

During the initiative, it came to light that a competitor’s insurance company had refused to renew their insurance due to health and safety concerns, illustrating the centrality of health and safety for a viable, profitable business.

‘After the completion of the process, and now having an updateable policy, the main economic advantage has been the static cost of insurance premiums. It has been very satisfying to achieve a system that we believe is possibly ahead of our competitors.’

Mick Martin, Principal Partner

Staff enablement

In addition to the cost benefits, there were also other, more incalculable benefits. Staff morale improved, as they can be confident their management genuinely cares about their well-being.

After an initial hesitation, Mick and his team set about revising their management approach. New equipment and alterations of existing equipment also took place, with a small investment the health and safety committee was also revitalised.

‘Introducing a health and safety system and having arrangements for implementing it shows our teams, and anyone else, that hazards have been identified and risks assessed, eliminated or controlled. Our preference is to design work tasks centred around the needs of the people doing the work’

Samantha Elliott, First Aider

Following the initiative, the workers’ committee was revitalised and now includes Mick Martin, a fire officer, first aider and safety officer. All employees were involved in sharing work as done (WAD), and actually improved processes far beyond the implementation of the new system. The greatest benefit has been the raised awareness of health and safety within the company.

‘The new health and safety initiative with the in-house committee has proven to staff that their input is invaluable.’

Tracy Burge, CEO