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Enabling success beyond compliance


Positioning safety as an ethical duty and a catalyst for outstanding performance.

At Work Safety Hub, we revolutionise occupational health and safety by flipping traditional paradigms to foster efficiency, resilience, and success. Anchored in the pioneering 'Safety Differently' principles, we transform safety from a bureaucratic obligation to a dynamic collaboration where every employee's potential is harnessed. Our consultancy moves beyond error-free systems and procedural compliance, acknowledging that variability is inevitable and people are the key to adaptive solutions. With our human-centric approach, we empower organisations to write a new chapter in safety - one where the goal is not merely the absence of failure but the presence of success. Join us in redefining safety as an ethical responsibility and elevating your organisational strengths through our tailored, transformative programs.

  • Pioneering 'Safety Differently': We are at the forefront of the 'Safety Differently' movement, a paradigm that distinguishes our consultancy. By rethinking the very foundation of workplace safety, we set a new standard that others strive to match.

  • People-First Safety: Our approach places people at the heart of safety. We understand that meaningful engagement with your team is the cornerstone of a truly safe workplace, resonating with organisations that value their employees as their greatest asset.

  • Customised Safety Pathways: Recognising that each business has its own set of challenges and opportunities, we craft bespoke safety solutions. Our commitment is to deliver services that are as unique as your business, ensuring relevance and effectiveness regardless of your company's size or sector.

  • Safety as a Moral Commitment: We redefine safety not just as a regulatory obligation but as a moral duty to protect and empower. This ethos is woven into our services, appealing to businesses that place a premium on ethical operations and the well-being of their people.

  • Enabling Success Beyond Compliance: Moving away from traditional, restrictive safety practices, we embrace a model that supports and enables. Our progressive approach seeks to minimise red tape and foster an environment where engagement and innovation thrive, making safety a catalyst for success rather than a barrier.

Leadership team


Robert O'Neill

Managing Director & Principal Consultant

Robert aims to empower people and organisations. With extensive leadership experience, he specialises in driving business success with a dynamic approach and commitment to goals. Leading a safety expert team, he adopts a "Safety Differently" philosophy, expertly navigating high-risk environments with a risk-based strategy and deep business understanding. His experience spans senior roles in high-risk industries and prominent companies like Boral and ABF across different countries, including New Zealand, the UK, Singapore, and the US. Robert holds multiple qualifications in Health and Safety, Engineering, and management, is a certified Private Pilot, and owns Work Safety Hub, a successful consultancy.

Hi I'm Trish, nice to meet you!

Patricia Mahony

Principal Consultant NSW & QLD

Trish, a seasoned Health and Safety professional with over 20 years of experience in Construction, Oil & Gas, Government, Mining, and Rail, is dedicated to providing top-notch client services in New South Wales and Queensland. With a diverse consulting background, she brings valuable expertise to various industries. Trish holds a BAppSci OHS, BConMgt, and GradCert WHS.

kerry pic

Kerry Semmens

National Operations Manager

With over ten years of expertise in the compliance and risk sector, Kerry has emerged as a distinguished leader in operations management. At present, Kerry spearheads state-level teams, masterfully orchestrating workforce planning and consultant scheduling to meet both current needs and anticipate future demands.