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5 Compelling Reasons To Learn About FREE WorkSafe OHS Essentials Program

Posted by Robert O'Neill on Sep 10, 2015 10:00:00 AM
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5-Compelling-Reasons-To-Learn-About-FREE-WorkSafe-OHS-Essentials-Program-130835-editedThe Essentials Program is a government initiative designed for the small and medium business sector and addresses OHS, return to work policies and workplace safety.

The OHS Essentials Program introduces businesses to the major policies and practices that guide workplace safety. It offers numerous benefits to small business owners.


Here are five things small business owners should know about the essentials program:


1. Ensure your workplace is safe and compliant

The most recent statistics released by Work Safe Australia showed that in 2012-13 there were 117,815 serious claims of work related injuries or diseases, roughly 11 per 1,000 employees. What’s not known is how many of these were preventable – or worse, resulted directly from a non-compliant workplace.

The statistics show that workplace safety should be a major priority for every business. Registering for the Essentials Program gives you access to the latest expertise in safety management and OHS policy, which will help make sure your workplace is compliant.


2. Your staff and your business are counting on you

Ultimately, each business owner has a responsibility to make sure their staff are safe. Every staff member values a safe workplace, and a safe environment is crucial to the success of your business. It’s also one of the most effective ways to retain staff and maximise productivity.

But if workplace safety is neglected the consequences can be devastating. Not just financially, it can also impact staff morale and your business’ overall performance.


3. Tailored advice for your business

Not every business is the same, and everyone’s OHS needs vary. Our consultants take the time to understand your business, your workplace, your products and your services. We work alongside you to assess your needs, identify any safety issues and update any of your current policies.

We also work with your employees to understand their specific needs, any concerns they may have and how they can be addressed.


4. Offers real solutions

After your consultation our safety consultants will develop a safety action plan customised for your business. The plan will identify any safety issues in your workplace and provide a practical guide to address them.


5. It’s free

The Essentials Program is fully subsidised by the State Government, meaning eligible businesses don’t have to pay a cent for a complete safety assessment of their workplace and a customised action plan to make sure they’re compliant.


As a WorkSafe approved consultant, Work Safety Hub’s team of experienced and dedicated safety consultants are now available to businesses that are accepted into the Essentials Program – at no charge.

If your business is just starting its OHS journey, or is in need of a long-awaited OHS overhaul, this is the perfect opportunity to register.


Register your business for the Essentials Program

You can sign up for the Essential Program via our website, or call us on 1300 610 059 and we will manage the registration process on your behalf.

Enquire about our  WorkSafe Essentials Program

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