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High Risk Licences for Gladstone Workers Re-evaluated

high risk licenseWorkers in Gladstone, particularly those under high-risk jobs and assignments, have been caught carrying invalid licenses eventually after their course evaluations that did not meet the standards set by the respective workplace health and safety accreditation.

Gladstone Observer reported that numerous workers were informed by the Queensland Justice department about the invalidity of their licenses in February after the same group took their training programs under the Site Skills Training in Gladstone.

The said invalid licenses cover those on high-risk jobs including scaffolding, forklift tickets, advanced rigging among others.

Vern Wills, chief executive officer of Site Skills Training informed Australian Mining that two contracted assessors did not take the proper action in terms of abiding by the accreditation process as mandated by the authority, which in this case is the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ).

Over the course of twelve months, nearly three hundred students (300) were evaluated by the same assessors who are currently in question, both of whom have been under investigation for the past ten months.

In addition, the Site Skills Training in Gladstone mentioned that of the total number of students that have been assessed, 208 of them have been assessed by one of these assessors for scaffolding and rigging, EWP, and forklift, while 68 of these students were evaluated by the second assessor for scaffolding.

It is worthy of noting that the training provider allowed the same students to be re-evaluated free of charge. Subsequently, 119 of the same group who requested for the reassessment 117 were determined as competent and able by the assessors put as replacement by the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

Gladstone Observer confirmed that more evaluations will be undertaken into all assessors employed by Site Skills Training, which is set to be completed before the financial year ends.

Site Skills Training CEO Wills affirmed that Workplace Health and Safety Queensland assessed the assessors accredited by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland at their facility in Gladstone that was completed last February.

The head of the Site Skills Training said that the evaluation of the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland accredited assessors is a regular part of the operations in order to ensure the implementation of High Risk Licence assessment and is normally carried out on a timely basis by the respective representatives from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland at all providers facilities all over Queensland.

The Site Skills Training chief executive officer added that Workplace Health and Safety Queensland specifically requested that Site Skills Training conduct re-evaluations for some of the students who recently completed their training courses in Gladstone. He added that the said request coming was a result of a process that is assumed to be not in compliance with standards set by the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland Accredited Assessors.

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