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Creating a resilient workplace

Resilience Navigator: Mapping Your Path to Success

Elevate your organisation's safety management with our cutting-edge approach, blending time-tested methodologies with groundbreaking paradigms such as the shift from Protective Safety to Productive Safety. This revolutionary concept urges a fundamental reframing: instead of simply minimising the potential for mishaps, we begin to maximise opportunities for success.

By adopting a proactive management style, we place greater emphasis on anticipating developments and events. We acknowledge that failures are an ongoing reality and that human adaptation is a continuous process.

Transforming our perspective on human error, we now view individuals as invaluable resources for enhancing system flexibility and resilience. Here, resilience refers to the robustness of the system as a whole rather than the individual's ability to endure challenges.

Performance variability, previously seen as detrimental, is now recognised as both inevitable and beneficial. By monitoring and managing variability, we can harness its potential to improve overall performance.

Our innovative approach is inspired by the insights of these eminent thought leaders:

  • Professor Erik Hollnagel – Safety I and Safety II (Protective Safety to Productive Safety)
  • Sidney Dekker – Safety Differently
  • Dr. Todd Conklin - Pre-accident Investigations
  • Michael Burnham – Targeting Zero
  • Dr. David Borys – Organizational Culture
  • Dr. Sharron O'Neill – The Business Case for Safe, Healthy & Productive Work
  • Dr. David Provan - Forge Works
  • Kelvin Genn & Marc McLaren - Art of Work

Dekker's "new view" of safety aligns with contemporary discussions on managerial agility, corporate vision, and the role of innovation in maintaining relevance and driving business outcomes.

Moreover, our approach is compatible with the growing legislative focus on occupational health and safety (OHS) due diligence. Companies are now mandated to actively engage in consultations on workplace health and safety matters, encompassing psychosocial factors such as wellness, mental health, and fatigue.

Embrace the future of safety management by creating a resilient workplace with our expert guidance, and pave the way for a thriving, secure, and successful organisation.