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Safety culture is a combination of the attitudes, values and perceptions that influence how something is actually done in the workplace, rather than how it should be done. Poor safety culture has contributed to many major incidents and personal injuries, and can be just as influential on safety outcomes as an organisation’s safety management system itself.


Our research indicates that undertaking safety culture improvements shows your commitment to the wellbeing of your staff but also offers measurable benefits


Introducing the Work Safety Hub programme of safety culture improvement

At Work Safety Hub, we have partnered with a Human Factors dedicated team, including occupational and health psychologists.

These specialists have used insights gleaned from many years’ working with industry to identify the essential steps to improve safety culture.

Work Safety Hub specialists are available every step of the way to guide your progress to safety culture improvement, ensuring greater efficiency, effectiveness, staff engagement, senior management buy in and, ultimately, a more successful programme of improvement.


How it works


Gold helps you to address complex needs and issues, creating confidence, trust and engagement in your progress to improvement.

The package includes comprehensive support from Work Safety Hub experts who work as an integral part of your team to ensure the successful delivery of your safety culture improvement programme. This includes helping you to implement and review specific actions, sharing good practice, facilitating engagement workshops, running the Safety Climate Tool on your behalf, meeting regularly with your steering group to help develop relevant action plans based on our expert analysis and interpretation of your data.

Gold provides hands-on, practical support and guidance, every step of the way on your journey to achieving a positive safety culture.


The Work Safety Hub Silver package offers you tailored support to help you ensure a smooth-running improvement programme, however complex your organisational structure.

The package allows you to work closely with Work Safety Hub experts to discuss and plan key stages of the process, and includes support in critical areas such as leadership engagement, interpreting your data and action planning.


Work Safety Hub’s Bronze support package gives you the framework to progress your programme of safety culture improvement yourself but with additional support and reassurance from Work Safety Hub.

We will guide, advise and equip you with the skills you need. Our human factors specialists are available to answer questions and provide suggestions, and help to make sure your culture assessment and change process runs smoothly.