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Safety Climate Tool: Navigating Toward Safety Excellence

Charting the Course for Safety Excellence

At Work Safety Hub, our Safety Climate Tool is a vital instrument in our 'Safety Differently' approach, meticulously designed by experts to chart the collective attitudes within your organisation towards health and safety. It transcends mere assessments to delineate a vivid outline of your safety culture — the ingrained practices and beliefs that signify 'how we do safety here.' It stands as an indispensable benchmark for fostering elevated standards and continuous development on the path to safety excellence.
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Decoding Safety Culture and Climate

Our tool captures the essential 'safety climate' of your organisation, revealing the current safety valuation. This evolving measure is sculpted by the collective attitudes and behaviors within your team, offering a fluid and actionable insight.

Effortless and Confidential Survey Experience

With the Safety Climate Tool, participation is streamlined and secure. Our confidential online survey platform encourages honest and open sharing of safety perceptions, ensuring privacy and candor.
Strategic Reporting for Actionable Change
Upon completion, the Safety Climate Tool produces an in-depth report and suggests strategic actions, lighting the way to enhanced engagement and a proactive safety culture.

Versatility and Global Recognition

The Safety Climate Tool is universally applicable, providing a critical metric for examining your safety culture as a starting point for improvement in any industry setting. Globally recognised and utilised by over 300 diverse organisations, it stands as your ally in defining the pinnacle of safety culture.

The Safety Climate Tool Advantage
  • Supports the pursuit of ISO45001 accreditation.
  • Offers multilingual support with over 45 languages, customisable elements including your brand's logo, tailored introductions, demographic choices, and tailored safety terminology.
  • Benchmarking capabilities against established industry baselines.
  • Detailed, automated analysis presenting a focused summary report for strategic insights.
  • Comparative assessments between employee and management viewpoints.
  • Tailored reports to identify and prioritise demographic-specific safety concerns.
  • Guided next steps and expert recommendations to advance safety culture.

Proactive Approach to Safety Culture Improvement

Utilise the Safety Climate Tool as a leading indicator to measure and improve safety culture proactively, acknowledging the link between a strong safety culture and fewer workplace injuries.

Customised Data Utilisation for Resource Efficiency

Segment data effectively to identify commendable practices and areas for improvement, directing targeted actions to change unsafe behaviors and enhance safety practices.

Facilitating Your ISO45001 Accreditation Journey

Use the Safety Climate Tool to strengthen your evidence base, aiding your adoption of the health and safety management system standards embodied in ISO45001.

Benchmarking Against Safety Culture Standards

Beyond understanding your own safety culture, the Safety Climate Tool's extensive benchmarking data allows you to measure your standing against the industry average, informing your safety strategies.

Select Your Safety Climate Tool Experience

Choose to conduct the survey independently with a plethora of supporting guides, or engage our WHS experts to administer the Safety Climate Tool for you. Our team promises a comprehensive, streamlined experience that drives greater efficiency, staff involvement, executive buy-in, and an ultimately more successful improvement program.
Deploy the Safety Climate Tool: Understand, engage with, and shape the safety culture at the heart of your organisation, weaving safety into the very fabric of your business's identity.


Start Your Transformation

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