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Utilising the cloud, our safety professionals ensure your supply partners have the right safetysystems, qualifications and insurances to work on your sites and projects.

With CPS™, we ensure your contractors are qualified and compliant on your site, our team:

  • Stay on top of legislation and industry requirements
  • Verify ABN and trading names with ASIC 
  • Validate insurances and licences
  • Audit management systems including safety and environment

Competency Management ensures everyone on your site is safe and compliant:

  • Manage expiring certifications
  • Validate rules for site access
  • Validate documents across multiple sites
  • Keep a competency library
  • Analyse training role needs

We ensure your safety message is delivered in engaging ways. With Engage™:

  • Once a contractor has registered to work with you, their employees will be inducted to work on your sites.
  • Our online inductions are built specifically to your needs and are an automated and cost effective way to have approved and competent contractors on your site quickly.
“Our safety perfromance has improved dramatically, we do things differently now”

Peter Lee, Porter Davis

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The past principles and practices of safety management have served us really well and they will continue to do so particularly for simple tasks where individuals or small groups are carrying out things where the risks are well-known and not much is changing in the environment. However, what happens...

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