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Transport & Logistics Sectors

Discover how our custom solutions not only meet but exceed safety standards, driving operational excellence and resilience in the ever-evolving transport landscape. Join us in exploring the impact of our safety innovations on protecting workforces, securing assets, and sustaining growth.

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Torrens Connect

A Synergy of Safety and Sustainability. Learn more...

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Velocity Vehicle Group

National Audit Program

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Melbourne Airport

Risk Management Review - Falling Objects

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Booran Motors

Audit Program

Our Valued Clients in Transport & Logistics

At Work Safety Hub, we are deeply honoured to collaborate with some of the most forward-thinking and esteemed companies within the transport sector. Our dedication to crafting personalised, human focused safety solutions has garnered the trust of premier organisations that are essential in ensuring the seamless and secure movement of both people and goods.

Transforming Transport Safety

In partnership with Torrens Connect, a pioneer in integrated transport services, we are committed to elevating the safety and dependability of public transit systems. Our joint efforts guarantee that passengers can embark on their journeys with assurance, secure in the knowledge that their safety is paramount.

Within the logistics sphere, Kerry Logistics and Wallenius Wilhelmsen depend on our specialised expertise to optimise their intricate global operations. Through the deployment of our custom safety strategies, these titans of industry are adept at overcoming the hurdles of international logistics, all while protecting their workforce and assets.

Driving Excellence in Automotive Safety

Velocity Vehicle Group and Booran Motors reap the benefits of our extensive safety programs, which are instrumental in upholding superior standards throughout their automotive services. Our strategies empower these firms to offer unparalleled service, ensuring the well-being of both their employees and clientele.

As a valued ally to Toyota Motor Corporation, we deliver cutting-edge safety solutions that resonate with their pledge to excellence and dependability. Our collaboration aids Toyota in preserving its distinguished reputation by promoting a secure and efficient work environment.

Enhancing Airport and Dealership Safety

Melbourne Airport, a vital nexus for both domestic and international flights, thrives with our bespoke safety initiatives, ensuring smooth and secure operations. From the airside to passenger terminals, our proficiency aids Melbourne Airport in upholding supreme safety protocols.

The Tony White Group, a key figure in the automotive dealership sector, leverages our safety solutions to boost the operational efficacy and safety of their extensive network of locations. Our engagement with Tony White Group highlights our adeptness at tackling the distinctive challenges faced by automotive retail settings.

Committed to Safe and Efficient Transport

At Work Safety Hub, we recognise the paramount importance of safety within the transport industry. Our collaborations with these distinguished clients showcase our ability to forge innovative solutions that not only safeguard workers and assets but also amplify operational efficiency. By placing safety at the forefront, we assist our clients in achieving excellence in their respective arenas, ensuring they continue to offer dependable and secure transport solutions.

Discover how our partnerships with these leading transport entities have culminated in safer, more resilient operations. At Work Safety Hub, our commitment lies in bolstering our clients' missions, enabling them to proceed with the highest confidence in their safety protocols.