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We all know that safety is important, but it can be hard to understand the problems and challenges faced by front-line workers.

Your company's safety efforts are top of mind for everyone - from senior management down to frontline employees. But how do you improve your approach? How can you ensure that every employee understands their role in keeping themselves and others safe at work? And how can you make sure that safety isn't just a check box on an annual report, but a way of doing business every day?

Work Safety Hub works with your team to help them identify critical issues before they become hazards – saving time, money and lives.

Work Safety Hub has been working with companies across Australia and New Zealand since 2006 – making workplaces safer so people come home safely every day.

Facilitating action and decision-making processes.

Enhancing the core operational functions. 

Understanding current and future safety risks.

Ensuring the performance of work directly and measurably reduces safety risks facing workers, while also getting the work done and delivering on operational objectives.

Let our team of experts do the heavy lifting for you.

You'll be assigned a highly qualified consultant that will give proactive support to help you meet your legal obligations and protect the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees and everyone affected by your organisation’s activities.

What to expect



First, we conduct initial fact finding and background research to establish all possible, relevant facts.


Then we identify all potential hazards, including operational aspects, that may impact on your objectives.


Next, we evaluate the risks – both personal safety and operational impacts – before developing an appropriate solution.


We'll run and fine tune a carefully planned delivery and execution of the proposed solution.


We'll evaluate the solution when measured against the your objectives.



We'll co-ordinate and implement the appropriate training where the need is identified.


Ongoing Support

We'll meet with you periodically to report on progress and make any adjustments in strategy required. 


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