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How do you lead the journey from a culture in which safety’s priority shifts depending on the latest injury (or lack thereof) to one in which the vigilance never lets up?

As a leader, how do you know whether during the third shift, at 3 a.m., in your most remote facility, people are making decisions that put safety first? How do you even know where to start?

Despite the critical importance of safety leadership, many leaders don’t fully recognise their own influence. The reaction is understandable. Leaders are, after all, human – and safety issues can be highly complex. Work Safety Hub’s renowned leadership development approach helps bridge the divide between a concerned leader and great safety leadership.

Our diagnostic tools, executive coaching, and change management tools help you turn your vision for great safety leadership into reality by helping you:

    • Equip senior leaders with the knowledge to lead safety effectively
    • Develop transformational coaching and leadership skills
    • Create consistency and alignment among all organisational leaders
    • Implement streamlined safety practices that don’t add extra work
    • Drive safety performance from your personal values
    • Inspire people to commit to the company’s objectives
    • Cultivate communication skills appropriate to each leadership level
    • Embed vital safety practices into the fabric of your organisation
    • Assess individual leaders’ strengths and opportunities
    • Leverage web-enabled software to sustain your safety vision

Our capability includes:

  • Individual leadership assessment – To become a great safety leader, one must translate core values, personality, and leadership style into safety-critical practices. Work Safety Hub’s Leadership Diagnostic Instrument assesses a leader alongside safety leadership best practices and successful styles and compiles the results in an Individual Leadership Profile that serves as a basis for personalised training.
  • Safety leadership development – Leadership development is highly individual to each leader, requiring attention to individual strengths and opportunities while creating consistency and alignment across the organisation. Work Safety Hub helps each leader understand the principles of effective safety leadership, develop the determination to challenge assumptions, and hone the skills that get the most out of every individual’s performance.
  • Safety strategy development – Working with you to build stronger leadership practices, Work Safety Hub experts help you get a clear picture of your current and desired state, enabling you to plan your development journey and track your progress along the way.
  • Motivational leadership training – How leaders approach opportunities can be just as important as the ways they lead. Work Safety Hub can help leaders understand their natural inclinations and learn to work with them to inspire and motivate people.