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Welcome to the hub.

Work Safety Hub is an Australian Occupational Health and Safety management consultancy. We exist to help people and organisations thrive.

The company was founded in 2006 and has its principal offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. Dedicated to delivering innovation, with expertise spanning more than a decade in diverse industries, our company is uniquely positioned to help solve Australia’s biggest Health and Safety challenges.

Our Goals

  • To Provide value through balancing HSE risks with commercial realities.
  • To maintain a great reputation and achieve excellence, realised through the absence of HSE risk – we keep the elephants off the main street!
  • To be consistently solution and outcome-oriented, underpinned by simplicity, pragmatism, knowledge and research.
  • Being innovative, collaborative but continually learning.
  • We operate with urgency, drive and ownership, and are always accountable.
  • Our people are valued, trusted and challenged, and operate professionally, with respect and integrity.


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