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Construction Sector

Discover how our custom solutions not only meet but exceed safety standards, driving operational excellence and resilience in the ever-evolving Construction landscape. Join us in exploring the impact of our safety innovations on protecting workforces, securing assets, and sustaining growth.

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National Audit Program - Wind Farm Construction. Learn more...

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Development Victoria

3rd Party Contractor Management System Auditing. Coming soon...

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Safety Management Requirements Gap Analysis for Rail Infrastructure Development. Learn more...

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Safety In Design Workshop Facilitation - Brisbane Cross River Rail. Coming soon...

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Endeavour Group

National Audit Program - Dan Murphies, BWS & ALH Hotels. Coming soon...

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Development Victoria

3rd Party Delivery Partner HSE Management System Audits. Coming soon...

Our Valued Clients in Construction

We collaborate with prominent construction firms such as Winslow, ACCIONA Energia, Australian Restoration & Construction, Element Five, and GeoVert, ensuring their projects are executed with the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Our tailored safety strategies help mitigate risks and promote a culture of continuous improvement, enabling these companies to build with confidence.

In the realm of residential construction, we have supported companies like Apex Homes, Nostra Homes, Porter Davis, and Rivergum Homes. Our expertise in safety management ensures that their residential projects are not only high-quality but also safe for workers and future residents alike. 

We also work with major infrastructure providers such as Development Victoria, CPB BAM Ghella UGL JV, Boral, and Australian Infrastructure, where our bespoke solutions enhance operational resilience and reliability. By partnering with these essential service providers, we help maintain the integrity and safety of critical infrastructure projects.

Our partnerships extend to the commercial and industrial construction sectors, where we support firms like Colliers International, Consolidated Power Projects, H Troon, Ryman Healthcare and Somerset Aged Care. Our innovative safety solutions ensure that these complex projects are completed safely, on time, and within budget, protecting both workers and assets.

Companies focused on specialised construction and refurbishment projects, such as Super Gardens, and the Endeavour Group (BWS, Dan Murphy's, Nightcap Hotels), benefit from our comprehensive safety programs. Our work with these clients underscores our ability to provide effective safety solutions across a broad range of services, from new store construction for Bunnings to intricate refurbishment projects.

We are also proud to work with property development giants like Development Victoria, Country Garden Developments, and Satterley Property Group. Our collaboration with these organisations highlights our role in ensuring that large-scale developments are safe, sustainable, and successful.