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Sitting Costs Nearly as Much as Cancer

Posted by Robert O'Neill on May 7, 2012 1:19:06 AM
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This infomercial was released by BackJoy recently in a local campaign to promote their range of orthotic aids in the workplace and at home. The infomercial is a terrific, engaging and compelling way to communicate to a diverse workgroup. Complex statistical information is difficult to get across, but it packs a punch when it's delivered correctly.

We highly recommend this short video as a communication tool and would welcome your feedback. Occupational Health and Safety awareness campaigns can fall on death ears if not well thought out and designed with your audience in mind. All too often we see campaigns misaligned with objectives, no way to measure the feedback or capture penetration information.

In a world of online marketing, instant access and social connectivity tools such as the infomercial have immense scope and potential.

Share with your colleagues and let us know your thoughts.

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