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Work Safety Hub Appointed To Deliver WorkCover OHS Essentials Program

worksafe-logoWork Safety Hub has been selected as one of the approved OHS consultants to deliver the WorkSafe Victoria OHS Essentials Program.

It means that Work Safety Hub is now offering free OHS consultations with safety action plans to eligible small and medium businesses. The Essentials Program offers tailored advice to businesses on managing safety and making sure they are meeting their OHS obligations.

Making sure your business is safe and compliant

The OHS Essentials Program is a government initiative designed for the small and medium business sector and addresses OHS, return to work policies and workplace safety.

The OHS Essentials Program introduces businesses to the major policies and practices that guide workplace safety. Our safety consultants will work with your business to assess your needs and deliver practical solutions that will make sure your workplace is safe and compliant.

Customised support for your business

Not every business is the same, and everyone’s OHS needs vary. Our safety consultants take the time to understand your business, your workplace, your products and your services. We work alongside you to assess your needs, identify any safety issues and update any of your current policies.

At the end of the consultation we will deliver a Safety Action Plan that prioritises your businesses safety issues and outlines how they can be addressed.

Who’s eligible?
Victorian small businesses with limited OHS information and knowledge and less than 20 employees or $1m in remuneration.

Consultation time:
The initial on-site visit will take up to three hours and the follow up on-site visit will take up to two hours.

Safety Essentials for Medium-sized Businesses

Who’s eligible?
Victorian medium-sized businesses with less than 200 employees or $20m in remuneration and an existing knowledge of OHS and return to work.

Consultation time:
The initial on-site visit will take up to six hours and the follow up on-site visit will take up to four hours.

To find out more about the Essentials Program visit the WorkSafe Victoria website.

Register for the Essentials Program now

You can sign up for the Essential Program via our website, or call us on 1300 610 059 and we will manage the registration process on your behalf.

Enquire about our  WorkSafe Essentials Program

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