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How To Benchmark Safety Culture In Your Workplace [FREE WEBINAR]

Posted by Robert O'Neill on Oct 28, 2015 10:00:00 AM
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Why is benchmarking so important?

How_To_Benchmark_Safety_Culture_In_Your_Workplace_FREE_WEBINARSadly, as at 10 September, 111 Australian workers have been killed at work this year. In 2014, 188 workers were killed in Australian workplaces.

Meanwhile, in 2012-13 there were approximately 118,000 serious Workers’ Compensation Claims in Australia. It’s a sign that despite our progress, more can be done to keep employees safe while at work.

Understanding the attitudes of your employees is the first step towards knowing how to create positive change and introduce programs to improve safety.

Benchmarking the safety culture of your workplace will be easier than ever thanks to Work Safety Hub.

We offer a powerful new validated tool that explores your employees' attitudes and perceptions in key areas of health and safety. The Tool then produces a detailed report that provides evidence based hints and tips that help you improve your organisation's safety culture.

Using a simple, online questionnaire that staff can complete anonymously, the Work Safety Hub survey promises to be a tool that can help shape your organisation’s approach to workplace safety.

A safer workplace all starts with benchmarking

To achieve long term culture change each organisation first needs to assess its current situation. Only then is it possible to know your organisation’s pain points, and where improvements need to be made.

Benchmarking also provides you with the relevant data to present at management and executive level, which is an effective way to advocate for new plans, strategies and resources to improve the safety culture of your workplace.

Safety Culture Tool as a benchmarking tool: 4 key benefits

  • Using the SCT helps you benchmark your performance against similar organisations in your industry
  • It shows you where to target your resources, and gives you a baseline to measure the improvements you make to your safety culture
  • It helps raise the profile of health and safety in your organisation, and show that you take it seriously
  • Provides you with measurable statistics that can persuade managers and executives to take action in specific areas

And with our specialist knowledge of organisational safety culture, we can help you at every stage, from preparing and running your survey, to analysing and acting on the results.

Learn more about safety culture.

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