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Availability of assistance for homes with loose fill asbestos announced

Posted by Robert O'Neill on Jan 21, 2015 12:16:00 AM
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Availability of Assistance for Homes with Loose Fill Asbestos AnnouncedNew South Wales residents reported with loose-fill asbestos in their homes will received additional assistance packages. The New South Wales Government through the efforts of Dominic Perrottet of the Minister for Finance and Services made the said announcement.

Mr. Perrottet explained that ensuring the health and safety of the residents is one of the top priorities of the New South Wales Government. He further explained that this is because they are taking all comprehensive actions based on the health advice to make sure that all affected owners and residents get all the needed support. This help will include both “Make Safe” Assistance Package for those areas and the implementation of a task force for Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation.

The “Make Safe” Assistance Package is made immediately available and supplements measures including financial assistance that are likewise available for those affected residents to help them manage loose-fill asbestos safely.

Mr. Perrottet said that this package provides financial support for sealing of existing cavities, environmental cleaning of all possibly habitable regions, regular inspections and hazard labelling. Other similar support will also be provided for counselling services, assistance toward the replacement of furnishings, and emergency accommodation where required.

Mr. Perrottet added that the Loose Fill Insulation Taskforce is geared at creating a comprehensive and strategic action plan to inform the government regarding the most appropriate and long-term remediation that will finally eliminate the loose-fill asbestos issue in New South Wales.

In this regard, Mr. Perrottet explained that they will be conducting a consultative, cost-effective, evidence-based, and measured approach to come up with a long-term solution that takes into consideration these needs of the community.

Mr. Perrottet further said that they have established a task force composed of multiple agencies that will be spearheaded by Dave Owens, a retired deputy commissioner of the NSW Police, who is tasked to report to the Government by May of this year.

The NSW Government’s announcement of a comprehensive response and action to the loose-fill asbestos issue in New South Wales homes is an obvious reflection of the conscious commitment to protecting the health and safety of the residents of the New South Wales region.

The HACA’s (Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authorities) independent investigation into the NSW loose-fill asbestos issue that will pinpoint the full extent of affected properties across the region will report to the Taskforce by April of the same year.

Mr. Perrottet paid tribute to the efforts of the Member for Monaro John Barilaro whom he mentioned as being a tireless advocate for the needs of his electorate, having been instrumental in ensuring that his constituents get all the help that they need.

Mr. Barilaro discussed that the comprehensive package seeks to make sure current precautionary measures and activities for managing loose-fill asbestos will minimise the risk of hazardous exposure through better coordination and cooperation and improve public awareness for the entire community.

The package will also serve as a call to the government, the industry, and the wider community to take action and be vigilant about being responsible for managing loose-fill asbestos for a lifetime.

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