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Corrective Action & Incident Management

safetynett Corrective Action & Incident Management Module provides flexible tools to easily implement realtime workflows. Assign an action, allocate responsibility, set a time frame and priority, and monitor the status all in one screen.



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Corrective Action & Incident Management

Record the incident details, escalate workflows for investigation and sign off according to incident type and priority, automate notifications and track status.

Contractor Management

Contractors face challenging conditions every day, different sites, different rules, and changing standards. This module allows the capture of the baseline requirements to free up time for real safety discussions.

Contractor safety compliance software

Contractor Management

Record pre-qualification data, obtain safety systems and insurance documents to verify compliance. Assign competencies and capture worker certificates and licenses.

Hazard Management

Identifying a hazard before it gives rise to an incident creates an opportunity to stop it happening! Identifying and tracking the corrective actions therefor becomes a critical and proactive management requirement. The hazard module automates this process in real time across the organisation.

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Hazard Management

See a hazard, capture it in real time. Select its location from a drop down list, record who is reporting it and when, risk assess for prioritisation, take a pic for certainty. Automate the corrective action process.

Inspections & Audits

We create and customise the inspections and audits module specifically for your organisation. No more "not applicable", no more "not relevant to me", just focused and relevant to your needs. 

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Inspections & Audits

Geo-locate the site, default the date, complete the customised checklist, assign corrective actions, record images and capture signatures. Anywhere, anytime, any mobile device!

More features behind an incredibly powerful safetynett database.


Unlimited Users

No expensive user licenses where you have to pay for every user. Each user simply counts as a record stored in your database. Single Sign Ons - Users can log in with existing social accounts. Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Notifications & Reminders

Notifications & Reminders - Keep your users constantly notified of any corrective action or incident updates. Send customised emails at any step of the processes.

Status Indicators

Use icons, colours, and styles to quickly gauge which processes are on track and which ones are in need of attention.

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled Tasks - The work doesn't stop when your users log off. Define schedules to update records, send emails, and keep your workflows moving.

User Roles & Permissions

Create aggregate functions to operate on child records, like sums, counts, average, min, and max. Add filters to include precise records.

Approvals & Life Cycles

Set up approvals to move each process through a defined life cycle. Each user sees their pending records and actions steps.
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safetynett Dashboard provides powerful insights

safetynett uses your data to display customised line, bar, pie charts as well as pivot tables. safetynett dashboards module groups multiple reports together in flexible layouts to create functional and relevant dashboards. Exclude Empty Groups - Only show groupings that have results. Expand Group Records - Click on report groups to display the records in that group in a modal popup. Use Filters - Let users add dynamic filters to limit the report records.

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