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Melissa Hung - OHS Customer Support

Melissa Hung

Melissa is our resident contractor management go-to girl – any queries that are contractor management-related end up on her desk. She also keeps a keen eye on all other general queries. Mel is a qualified problem solver and office psychologist, and worked in various hospitals and research facilities for many years before joining Work Safety Hub.

Despite most people thinking she has a screw loose, she’s passionate about contractor management and really wants to help drive the systems so users can learn to hate the admin aspects a little less.

Before entering the world of contractor administration Mel was in hospital administration and even managed a stint on a fishing vessel in the Torres Strait as well as learning how to knock genes in and out of mice and rats. Mel was born in Auckland, but grew up in Australia, and returned to New Zealand in 2000. She now lives in Melbourne with her husband and two children.

When Mel isn’t sinking her teeth into contractor management, she loves spending time with her kids, watching DIY shows and spending lots of money on shopping (much to her husband’s frustration). If Mel was stranded on a deserted island she would like to have Bear Grylls and Macgyver there with her – then she’d be home by dinner time to do some shopping!

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